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Design. 3D Print. Make. Create. Build.

3D Printing Solutions with Expert Assistance Along the Way! So You Get it Right, First Time!
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Step 1 Design your 3d PRINT objects

1. Design your 3D objects in your preferred design software or CAD package

2. Review your objects to check their print-ability. If unsure see our user guide below

3. Decide on what materials suit your job best: SLS, SLA, FDM or Resin

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Set up

Step 2: Set Up Your 3d PRINT FILE

1. Download our 3D printing template in your preferred CAD Package

2. If using FDM avoid overhangs unless you want printed supports

3. Thicken objects using a minimum wall thickness of 2mm for FDM and 1.5mm for SLS


3D Print and Deliver

Step 3 quote, 3d print and Deliver

1. Send your design in our template file back to us to obtain a fast quote.

2. Respond and confirm your quote to place your order.

3. When notified that your job is finished, it is ready for delivery or collection


3D Print Materials

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3D Print Gallery