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Design. CNC. Make. Create. Build.

CNC Milling for Designers, Students, Artists, Fabricators and more. Inquire now!
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Step 1 Design your cnc objects

1. Design your 2D or 3D objects in your preferred design software or CAD package

2. Choose your materials and thickness from our supplied material list

3. Assess if you need to laminate two or more blocks of material together so your object fits


Set up

Step 2: Set Up Your cnc milling

1. Download our 2D/3D CNC template in your preferred CAD package

2. Place the 2D or 3D objects inside your chosen material size, leaving space at the edge for tolerance

3. Assign the correct colors to your file


Cut and Deliver

Step 3 quote, cnc mill and Deliver

1. Send your design in our template file back to us to obtain a fast quote.

2. Respond and confirm your quote to place your order.

3. When notified that your job is finished, it is ready for delivery or collection


CNC Milling Materials

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CNC Milling Gallery